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Long-Term Recovery, Nashville, TN 

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Long-Term Recovery, Nashville, TN 

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YOU ARE NEEDED in Nashville, Tennessee 

The United Church of Christ is now registering groups to serve between September 
2010 and August 2012. 

Torrential rains on May 1-3, 2010 caused major flooding in the Nashville metropolitan 

Nashville Tennessee Flood 20 ID 


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impact across 400 years 

All-staff day helps UCC national 
offices staff find new ways to 

Calling Congregations awarding 
grants for ministry internships for 
college students 


Mary Schaller Blaufuss 
Executive for Volunteer Ministries 
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Florence A. Coppola 
Executive for National Disaster 

Global Sharing Of Resources 
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It is time now for Long-Term Recovery - YOU and YOUR GROUP can accompany 
people as they recover after these floods by assisting in home repair and rebuild. 

Over 2,100 building permits have been issued to home owners to repair/rebuild their 
homes. Many of these home owners do not have the means (insurance or funds from 
FEMA) to restore their homes without help from volunteers. Many have not had a safe 
place of their own to live since the floods occurred. 

The role of the wider United Church of Christ in disasters is focused on the technology- 
caused disasters and on the long-term recovery of a community. 

Your service is needed for Long-Term Disaster 
Recovery from floods in the Nashville, TN area to 
Repair/Rebuild homes. 

UCC leaders say 
urgency is needed 
in addressing 
anti-gay bullying 

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7 Notes on The 
Practice of Paying 

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Thinking About the 
Film, "Waiting for 

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Our presence and service with the clean-up and 
repair/rebuilding of homes several months after a 
disaster helps assure people that they are not alone 
or forgotten. 

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10/11/10 11:27 AM 

Long-Term Recovery, Nashville, TN 

Contact: Register with on-line form below. After completing the form, be sure to 
select the submit button. UCC Registrar and Volunteer Coordinator: Pam Small - 812 
453-3995 or email: 

Work Needed: Long-Term Disaster Recovery from May 2010 floods, Nashville, TN. 
Particular types of jobs and skills will depend on the stage of the recovery process. 
UCC Volunteer Coordinator will have more information close to the date of your 

Time: September 2010 - August 2012 (Monday-Friday Weekly) 
Group Size: Maximum 15. 
Minimum Age: 14 years 

Ratio of Adults to Youth: 1 adult for every 5 youth (under age 1 8) 

Accommodations: Arranged through UCC Volunteer Coordinator. Shower and 
kitchen facilities provided. Groups purchase and cook their own meals. Bring sleeping 
bags and air mattresses. 

Tools: Local site coordinator will inform you what tools you may need to bring. If you 
would like to bring your favorite hand tools, be sure to label. 

Cost: $50 per person per week. Payable on-site to local host church to help defray 
housing costs. 

Educational/Advocacy Components: Resource for group or individual reflection 
on-site and trip follow-up "Meeting God in the Ruins - Devotions for Disaster Relief 
Volunteers." Free copies may be ordered from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in 
America by calling 800 328-4648 (ISBN 6-0001-6788-1); pay shipping only. Group 
leaders are responsible for coordinating these sessions. 

UCC Identity: UCC Disaster Recovery T-shirts available for purchase from United 
Church of Christ Resources 800 537-3394 or "Buy It" cost of 
T-shirt: $7.00 + Shipping and Handling. 


CHURCH/ORGANIZATION INFORMATION (for informational purposes) 

Church Name 

Church Address 

Church City 
Church State 

Church Zip Code 
UCC Conference 

CONTACT PERSON (The one completing this form) 

Full Name 

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10/11/10 11:27 AM 

Long-Term Recovery, Nashville, TN 

Address Line 
Address Line 2 


Postal Code I 

Evening Phone 
Cell Phone 

Expected Group Size | 

After completing Part 1, select a location, select a date, then submit the form. 

Location: Nashville, TN Flood Recovery 

Select dates: A Volunteer Week usually spans from Monday - Friday. Tell us which dates work best for your group. 

Dates Available: 

First Choice of Dates: Second Clioice of Dates: 

( Sept. 20-24, 2010 I4j [ Sept. 20-24, 2010 ^ 

Groups arrive on Sunday evening and depart Saturday morning. 
Submit the form to complete processing. ^ Submit ^ f Reset "1 



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10/11/10 11:27 AM